Thank You for Giving a Bible!

Welcome to the movement of Canadians who are sending a Bible to those who need it most.
Share your good deed on social media and inspire your friends and family to help us give Bibles to the millions of people who are desperately waiting for God’s Living Word:

Every Bible you give will help to:

Send translated Bibles to those with no Bibles in their own language

Supply schools, educators, and new churches with much-needed Biblical resources

Place Bibles in the hands of persecuted Christians needing hope and strength to face severe situations

The Bibles you send transform lives

In India, 12-year-old Beksita’s family was so deep in debt due to her father’s alcoholism that her parents planned on committing suicide. But then Beksita was invited to a Children’s Bible Club and given her first Bible. She had never heard of Jesus’ love before and decided to receive Him as her Saviour.

Through Beksita, her parents were connected to a local pastor who helped them, prayed for them and shared the Gospel. They met Jesus, and through Christ’s grace her father gave up alcohol. The family is now on their journey towards health and recovery.

Beksita’s family was one of the many families impacted by the simple act of giving a Bible to someone who needs it most.

About Bible League Canada

Bible League Canada‘s ministries span more than 40 countries. We focus on adult ministry, children’s ministry, persecuted churches and starting new churches. With the Bibles you just gave, we can support local champions on the ground who are working to see holistic transformation in regions across the globe.